Sunday, December 31, 2006


Tom, Oh how awful life would be without him! Here he is cleaning the kitchen after dinner. What a man!

christmas cards

For all those who send christmas cards. If you think they don't mean anything to us you're wrong! I tie them around our doorway every year and everytime we go into the livingroom we are reminded of those we love. Then when it is time to take them down we put them in a pile and pick one each night to pray for. Thank you so much for thinking of us. We can't always be together but we know that you are in our thoughts!

Friday, December 29, 2006


Cody and Dad goofing off at Applebee's. It really is fun having him home for a week!

Science Center

Today we visited the Carnegie Science Center (along with about a million other people) This is the view of downtown Pittsburgh from one of the 3rd floor windows. It really is a pretty town.

Science center

The USS Requin. A real sub that you can tour while at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

Science Center

More cool things to play with.

Science Center

Huh? Who me? Throwing balls? IIIIII was just putting them away. See?
Cody playing with some really neat "wheel Thingy"!

Science CEnter

Dad relaxing and dry!

Science Center

No Dad didn't have an accident. he forgot to get out of the way as Jordan turned a tube right at his pants!

Science Center

Jordan beginning to play with the water tubes. Making the water run different directions.

science center

The little boy to the left of Jordan was having a ball. He would let out a yell everytime he threw a ball.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

air Jordan

"C'mon Mom you have to get better with that camera!


I just love to play in my brothers room!

Dogs gone wild

Hey, It's Snickers the wonder dog!


After all the rain stopped I was finally able to pump my rocket and send it into outer space, or somewhere near there!


Me and Dad putting together my new elephant puzzle. My favorite thing, elephants!
What is that weird contraption in the backround you ask? My new rocket that Mom almost sent throught the ceiling!

christmas 2006

okay, I know you got a new camera for christmas, here, "Cheese"!