Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cadet Graduation

GUESS WHAT......CODY MADE IT!!!!!! It was awesome. We're so proud of him.
This was his class.....
During the graduation ceremony This was his counselor....He was part of the Port Authority Police.

And his bunk where he slept.
Cody will never forget First Sargent........He was one tough cookie. But this was the only time that Cody cried during the ceremony........He gave the cadets the most awesome talk at graduation. He told them that they thought this was the hard part, but the hard part is just beginning. Living the things out that they have learned in the real world. Respecting others, respecting yourself, leaving your past behind and beginning a whole new chapter. It was so inspiring. He is such a fantastic guy.

So compare this photo to the one that I took by the sign when we dropped him off. Check out the pride and self esteem in this one. Pride in earning the right to wear the black uniform.

Way to go CODY (Cadet McKelvey)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

father and son

Amazing video of a Father and his Son. Our heavenly father sees us the same way. enjoy

Friday, July 25, 2008

camp cadet

On Thursday at camp cadet they had a mock trial....( wednesday they had a mock crime scene, that they had to investigate) There is a real judge who volunteers to come in and show the kids how the system works. looks like Cody was part of the jury........ (front row, glasses)
Seems he is learning ALOT! Can't wait to hear all about it.

science fun

Spent the day at the science center.........Here they are making airplanes and then putting them on an air gun and seeing how far they fly..... This was a real robot that was used to go down into volcanoes and explore where men could not explore..... Jordan tried his hand at another robot that you control to try and shoot a basketball. It was harder then it looked, but still really fun.
Then it was over to the miniature railroad...... Here is kennywood in mini. Alexis thought it was cool that they had the whip. there were even people riding it while it was going around.
Next stop... first floor for some hands on fun. Here we tried to levitate a ball. The kids got in the earthquake simulator. They thought that was pretty cool.
Enough "goofing off" now its off to the sports fun....

Sports works

Our next stop for science fun was the sports works complex next door..

First I drove Jordan up a wall!!!!!!! Then I had a couple of sharks on my hands......They tried to hustle me for a quarter but I was too smart for them!
Alexis only crashed into a couple of trees while trying to snowboard........
While Jordan hit a couple of birdies...(not real ones)

Being a scientist is hard work. What whould Bill Nye do after a hard day in the lab? What else.....Slip n Slide!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cousin fun

So time got away from us today so we opted for a movie......... Can you guess which one we saw?
We decided that $3 a box for a few pieces of candy was a bit much. But they enjoyed the movie anyway. If you didn't guess we saw Kung Fu Panda. Then it was time for a quick dip in the pool before bible school........ Don't worry I didn't get her a tattoo while she was here, it's fake!
Even Uncle Tom joined us when he got off work today......

(See Mom I'm fine!)

Camp Day 2

Looks like camp cadet day 2 had the cadets learning about the police dog and his partner. You should see the other pictures of the dog, that thing is so strong....pure muscle. Sure wouldn't want to be running from it! They also have some classes inside where they learn about forensic evidence and all kinds of intresting things.... (Cody is the last person far right side middle of the picture)
But it also looks like Cody has been doing some "extra" push ups. Can't wait to hear the story behind this picture!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We have a visitor staying with us for a couple of days .......cousin Alexis. Since Cody is away this gives Jordan someone to play with and it's always great fun having her stay with us. So they both went to bible school tonight......
it was pirate night at son world amusement park (Vacation bible school) Here's my 2 crew mates now!
Hi MOM!!!!!!!!

Cadet McKelvey

So "Cadet McKelvey" reported to camp on sunday! Here he is slouched over so i could take a picture by the sign. We'll see on saturday when I go for graduation if he is still "slouched" over. I think he was excited and nervous all at the same time. This is such a great opportunity for him. These kids come out at the end of the week with amazing self esteem and pride.
here's a couple of pics from the website from this week. Cody is the one 3rd or 4th from the first boy in the right corner (count up to the top not to the side) Their "mentor" for the week in charge of PT (Physical training) is a marine 1st sergent ret. here he is whipping the kids in shape. Couldn't find Cody in this picture.
Tomorrow they go on a 5 mile bike ride. I'm really proud of Cody for sticking it out so far. he is not real big on someone telling him what to do! I'll keep you posted as the week goes on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

yard work

With Cody away in Cleveland Jordan has been taking over some of his "duties" . Here he is getting to run the weed wacker for the first time! He was loving it. Of course it's always fun when you first get to do it. I'll let you know if it's still fun by the end of the summer! Not sure how much string he went through!

in bloom

Last year I bought a bunch of lillies, that didn't bloom! But take a look this year they bloomed! Aren't they pretty. A really nice shade of peach. I am so excited! (I know it doesn't take much)


Jordan's baseball picnic was on sunday. It was nice. Everyone brings a dish, so the food was great. Then each player gets recognition. This year instead of giving out trophies (let's face it who wants another trophy?) They gave Jordan's age group bat bags, to put all of their 'junk" in. They are really nice. Jordan's coach even got all of us a deal to have their names put on them. Here is Jordan with his!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maddy's loose tooth

Our neice Madisyn had her first loose tooth when she was here on friday............. As you can see she popped that bugger right out over the weekend. WAY TO GO MADDY!
Then in the morning the tooth fairy had come so that made it even more cool! Wow $5, Maddy, I think that I'll try and wiggle a couple of mine loose......I think I only got a quarter! Spend it wisely grasshopper!

Love you Maddy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

saturday matinee

Tom's vacation is winding down and we promised the kids we would go see Wall E......So it was off to a saturday matinee........ (What is the deal with movies being $2 more after 5pm anyway?) It was cute.......Kind of romantic when the little bugger finally meets a friend and she flies off to outer space. The kids enjoyed it so that's all that matters. Good thing to do if it's a rainy afternoon....(again movies are $2 cheaper then! HA)

phone fun

Who ya talkin' to? Sponge Bob?


The clouds and drizzle didn't keep us from having fun this 4th of July.... Tom cooked the burgers.......
while the kids and some of the "big Kids" played in the yard......
While others were content with a sippy cup and a Thomas train!

Then it was off to the fireworks...... The kids enjoyed judging the fireworks and predicting which ones were bigger.......

A couple of the little kids were scared but I think everyone had a good time. Hope your 4th was great.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

first time camper

So Sunday evening we drove up to Franklin, PA to drop off Jordan at camp. It's his very first time all by himself......No I didn't cry! Here we are making the trek up the hill to his cabin. Whew! We made it. Brad was waiting at the door to greet us. There were 2 counselors in each cabin ( with 8 boys they have to have a backup. You know in case one is tortured too badly)
Hmmmm which bunk to pick? Top or bottom? I'm not scared, I'm going for broke and taking the top bunk.
See, told you I could do it. Rolled out my bed (I wish it was that easy at home) I'm ready, bring on the fun!

We picked him up on Tuesday morning. He was busting at the gut waiting to tell us all the great stuff he did. We thought that he would have on the same underwear we dropped him off in but we got lucky this time, he showered! Although he had no socks because it rained and he wore all his. It was a super fun couple of days and he's ready to go back next year!