Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Cody made this super cool fighter jet out of Legos. It turned out really neat!



Tom is on vacation for 2 weeks so we decided to do something fun and go bowling! (Just happens to be one of Tom's favorite activities) Jordan, surprised to see he didn't get a strike! Cody and his Nunnie's "banana ball" that she gave him that she used to bowl with, giving a hex so that he can get the spare.
Get that 16 pounder on the lane already!
Yes, for all you "old" bowlers this is the only device on the lane now to keep your score. No more scorekeeper stand with the overhead light that shines the scores up on the screen! It's all computerized. This little keypad is all you get! (Did I just make myself seem really old?)
Of course being kids they were more worried about the snack machine!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

King of the Jungle

Cody was in the kids production at church tonight. It was called King of the Jungle. He played the part of Daniel in the lions den. He had a solo, and really did great. (I tried to get his solo part as a movie to add to here but I still haven't figured out the camera) Take my word for it. It was great! he got to use a wireless microphone and everything. (He thought that was really cool) He's in the top row, left corner, green shirt.
The set was cute. They had a jeep off to the right (you can see the front in the picture)
Cody's brother Kenny came to lend some support. Eventhough he is about to start his first day of high school tomorrow! Yikes. They grow up fast.

birthday lunch

My brother Len and His girlfriend Susan invited us out to lunch today for my birthday. We went to the mexican resturant Don Pablos. Food was great. We were all stuffed. Jordan and Cody sat right in front of the TV and watched the Pirate game.
Here's the troops after our big meal.
And of course Len had to tell them we were celebrating my birthday so they sang to me and made me wear this goofy hat. Gave me some yummy "stuff" to eat. Tasted just like funnel cake. The big 40 birthday is officially over! Yea!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Aunt Martha is visiting and she wanted to do something special for the kids so she threw them a back 2 school party. Here's all the "troops" with her now. Chloe made the great sign and Emma made everyone a party hat to wear.
They played fun games like bean bag toss........
And musical chairs, beach volleyball (which ended up being more like keep the ball off the ground) ........ the kids had such fun and Aunt Martha made sure they left with all kinds of goodies.
Here's Cody messing with his cousin Emma.....
And his cousin Max.
Thanks Aunt Martha for always going above and beyond to make our kids feel special!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


We went to the Letter carriers Branch 84 Union picnic today at the riverplex at sandcastle. It is really nice. It's a picnic area right on the river. Jordan couldn't resist playing in the mud.....what boy can?
They have pony rides for the kids.
Jordan and I were partners and Cody and Tom were partners for the water balloon toss. We didn't win. Cody tried the sack race (they use priority mail sacks for the races, HA) but didn't win it either. But it was a nice day to be outside and enjoy some fun.

picnic 2

There were a bunch of games and fun things for the kids to do. here Jordan flies down a giant slide...... While Cody tries to climb a loose ladder.....
And falls off

then they race through a giant blow up obstacle course.....Looks like Jordan wins
Cody and another boy he knows from the school bus try jousting. Cody got creamed a couple of times, but had a lot of fun anyway.

picnic 3

They had great food, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, potato salad, fruit and a great tasting coleslaw. With temps in the 80's Jordan couldn't get enough snowcones!

Sports Camp

The kids attended sports camp this past week at a local church. They teach them fundamentals and they also do bible studies and have a special speaker each night. Jordan took soccer and Cody basketball.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rain, rain, go away

Took Aunt Martha to the Pirate game today. It rained the whole time and the game never started. It was postponed due to weather. So we drove all the way there, paid to park, ate our snacks that we took, watched a 1979 pirate game on the jumbotron and left. Fun huh?
Snacks! Looks like they are having fun anyway......
At least the kids each got a Willie Stargell replica jersey. Jordan's went past his knees of course!
Hey, they were both at the doctors this past week and each only gained 4 pounds (in a year) Oh to be young again!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Is this a tropical Island? Did we go on vacation without telling anyone? Okay, No just a pretty flower growing in our yard! Too bad.

Homeschool Day 1

We went to visit "The Wall that heals" today. It is a replica of the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C. We did not have to travel that far, they came to us. They travel all over the US. The tractor trailer truck that they bring it in then turns into a mini museum after the wall is up. We talked about the war and some geography of Vietnam. The kids commented on how many names on the wall were Jr.'s!
There was a flag for every state.