Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday part 1

Yesterday was Jordan's birthday. We had a science party for him. It was alot of fun. There is a lady who lives near us who makes cakes. we give her a clipart picture of what we want and she re creates it onto the cake. It was really cute.
We did a bunch of super cool scince fun with the kids.... hold your nose and close your eyes and try and guess what flavor lifesaver was put into your mouth. (try it at home, you know the old tale your Mom used to tell you about yucky vegetables? Just hold your nose. It's true. Try it)
We used a neodymium magnet and saw how many paperclips it could pick up........
We made our own lava lamps using water cooking oil, food coloring and alka selzer...........
we saw what dry ice can do
The kids also made their own tie dye tee shirt using sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol. At the end we made a pop geyser with a 2 liter bottle of coke and mentos candy. It was really fun!
(special thank you to Lisa for all the great pictures!)

Birthday part 2

After all the fun science we had cake
And then opened presents.........

eat n park

After the party my brother Dayne, his wife Lisa and ALexis and Madisyn and my brother Len and all of us went to Eat n Park for dinner.
Dayne will kill me for this but he went up to the salad bar and proceeded to put his chili in his saucer! He came back to the table with Len and they were laughing hysterically!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The car

Saturday is Jordan's birthday. He is so excited to be 8 and not have to use a booster seat anymore in the car. So here's Tom and Jordan discussing the car right after Jordan was bugging him to take him shopping!


We made our weekly trip to the library today. I get alot of books for homeschooling this way, we also get the latest movies. And the best part.......They are free! Our library system is so great. I get online and request any book or movie I want and they find it at one of the many libraries, send it to my library and then I go and pick it up. The kids go and fool around on the computers. The librarian even told me that I can bring the kids in and she will teach them all about the Dewey decimal system (I know a blast from the past for some of you) and all about the library. Although they don't even use that system anymore, everything is on computers.

Best appliance ever

Okay, if your household is without one of these babies then you are missing out......
These things are awesome. It says Rice cooker and it does cook rice, but what it does best is steam veggies. They are so tasty and gorgeous after they are steamed. My kids love them. Even beets which they ate the other night steamed. Some things I steam (that they don't like) and then I puree them and sneak them into other foods. Like when we have mashed potatoes half is actually mashed cauliflower. It's greatJust look at these beautiful vegetables. They take 15-20 minutes tops to cook (carrots took the longest). Just slice them up and fill the bottom with water and put them in. Done. (no I am not getting any endorsement money from the manufacturer!)

Skate night

So we've been going to skate nights again here......

Cody with his friend Mikahla

Go Jordan Go

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How smart are you?

Are you Smarter than a fifth grader? Click here to play the online version of the popular TV show........ Good Luck

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Here is a really fun game that I found on the net. Great for any age. You build these puzzles and then a ball goes through. If you built it right the ball will hit the taget. If not you have to ry building the puzzle another way. Give it a try........We are hooked!


So with the warmer weather we decided to have PE class at the park! (More fun for the kids.......less mud at home for Mom!) okay so I had a slight alterior motive, but it was fun anyway.
Jordan and I played hockey for a little while. Till we shot the ball/puck into the creek!
then Jordan wanted to show me how he can even criss cross his arms jumping rope now.Cody jumped on his skateboard and "tried" to look cool! This is a good place to ride.
Then they both wanted me to push them on this swing......Faster! Faster, Mom! AGHHHHHH