Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here is an exclusive interview with the one and only Jordan McKelvey upon his arrival home from his first day of school in 2 years......


Think Tom is throwing in the towel?????

Plumbing problems are no fun. Tom worked on it all day tuesday, My brother Len worked on it for about 5 hours thursday night, and we still have no hot water in the shower! These colder than the artic showers are shocking my body! Len will be back tomorrow to hopeful, help Tom finish the job. Isn't home ownership fun?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it came

So the day is finally here.......It came this morning ............What is it you ask? No, it's not christmas, It's the first day of school for the boys in 2 years!
It's now official, I have a son in high school! OMG! He was too cool for a backpack this morning.Jordan was up before me this morning. He was eating breakfast with Tom when I came down. Tom was off. Actually he was called in to work today but got up this morning and discovered that we had plumbing problems in the bathroom and a flood in the basement.......not a good way to start the day......Anyway, Jordan got on the bus and is now, hopefully, in school. I only cried a couple of times!

Monday, August 24, 2009

camp out

Since the "end" of summer is drawing near, the kids head back to school tomorrow, we decided to have some fun this last weekend. We had a family backyard campout! There was a camp fire where we cooked hot dogs and mountain pies...... just a tad smokey.............
Apple mountain pie and ice cream..........Then we all (yes, even me and my darling husband) slept in tents in the yard. It was fun despite the fact that the kids pitched our tent on a hill and I slept with rocks in my ribs all night. The dog kept escaping rom the kids' tent. Now Jordan thinks this is going to be an every weekend thing!

Friday, August 21, 2009


SO we spent another afternoon at the ER today. Cody bites his nails alot and I always warn him about getting an infection......well this week it happened. Monday we saw the doctor and it was only swollen. ice was prescribed.......tuesday night it was swollen and getting dark under the visit again on wednesday.....antibiotics...... by thursday it looked like this.......
This photo was taken before the intense pain started.....He said to me, "good thing you don't have your camera". "Don't challenge me buddy, it's always at the ready"! LOL they actually sliced open his finger, and she had to squeeze it to get all the "stuff" out of it. This is where the crying like I have never seen him cry before came. I felt so bad for him. it is wrapped now (resembles something obscene) antibiotics are on board. They even gave him tylenol with codeine for the pain. we see his family doctor today. Think he learned a valuable lesson here?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Spent the entire afternoon at the zoo today. Aunt Martha wanted to go. It was a beautiful day in the 'burgh so we headed out to the African Savannah.......
Cody tried to see if he was as tall as Big Ben, but it turns out instead, he's only about half the size of a female elephant!Lunch was good but what they really want is .........ICE CREAM!!!!!The kids were all having a good time....Touching things that are soft ........and things sort of slimy......Till Jordan came face to face with a maneater.....LOOK OUT! SWIM FOREST, SWIM......
We decided we had time for one last photo op before someone "accidently" got eaten for real. "HUM, don't know how they fell in there".

Monday, August 3, 2009

We took Aunt Martha to the Pirate game on Sunday. She likes baseball and where she lives there is only minor league games. The Myrtle Beach Pelicans. Although I think they are more fun than the majors. They do more zany things to entertain you. If you have ever been to a Pirate game you know that they always have the great perogie race between innings. Well we were playing the nationals so the perogies didn't race against each other they had the perogies vs presidents relay. Somehow seeing giant president heads on people racing is very funny......
This would be George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt.
The perogies won but I have to say the best part was the view of Pittsburgh from the park..