Monday, March 14, 2011

working man

Cody started his first job yesterday. Okay his first job with a paycheck! He's working at Shop n Save bagging groceries and doing anything else they ask him to do. He was really excited to fill us in on all the details of what he had to do. I just wonder when the euphoria will wear off and he realizes its work! LOL Maybe when he gets his paycheck and realizes how little pay you get for all that time!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jordan's 11

Jordan turned 11 this week. We celebrated on Tuesday by going out to dinner.At home we gave him the new Steeler shirt that we helped Aunt Martha get for him and made him believe that was his gift. Then at the restaurant I gave him a card and told him it was from Me and Dad. Of course he didn't know that hidden inside were 2 tickets to a Penguins game for the evening of his birthday. He has been asking us to take him to a game forever. He was complaining when we left for the restaurant that this was going to be the worst birthday because he had to go to school and then to church that night and nothing fun! LOL

SO this was him getting ready to go. He's got his winter classic shirt on, bag packed! He took his binoculars and money of course. Those $6 hot dogs don't just buy themselves!He had an awesome night. His favorite part? Going into the kids zone and shooting pucks into Mario/Sydney's dryer! (Unfortunately We had to rely on Tom for photos and he is not a photographer. By the time he figured out the camera, Jordan was done shooting!)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowball dance

Friday night was the Snowball dance at Cody's school and His first ever dance. We finally talked him into going to one..... He took his friend Rhaeanne. turns out he had a really good time. He actually got up and danced and didn't just sit at a table and drink pop!
They are already making plans for the next one! We may have created a monster here!


It was a skate night in the burg.....Jordan did pretty well for his first time on skates. Cody also Dad on the other hand was waving little kids by so he could crawl to the wall!The boys favorite part of the day? Watching the Zamboni clean up the ice!