Saturday, June 28, 2008

age is just a number right?

So the day Tom and I got married we said that we were going to grow old together.......and I guess that is exactly what is happening. It's kind of fun experiencing all of life's little changes with your best friend. What in the world am I talking about? Here is me after I went and picked up my new glasses today.......Bifocals!!!!!! Yes you read that right. I am experiencing one of those fun little life changes! Although Tom says that they make me look younger ( I think that's just so he has some dinner tonight! HA)


Tom's on vacation all this week and next week so we have been doing some fun "stuff" with the kids. We went to the wave pool one day. Yesterday we drove up to Somerset so that Jordan could get some new sports cards(he's obsessed!) Then on the way home we went to Caddy Shak. Here's Cody beating out the competition on the bumper cars.........Jordan swinging hard in the batting cages........
Tom trying the fast pitch baseball (he actually only hit one!) But doesn't he look cute in the helmet?

Next up......the driving range. Jordan and Cody decided to play a little baseball with their golf....but they both had some good hits.
Then it was on to the bumper boats......The kids had a great time. We stopped at the general store on the way home for some penny candy for the drive home!

vacation Bible School

Jordan and Cody spent the last 2 weeks at vacation bible school. It is a lot of fun. They had it from 9am till 12 everyday. They learn the songs and get to play with other kids. This keeps them from killing each other!
This will be Cody's last year at bible school. Here's an end of school picture that I took in our yard......

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yesterday we got Jordan's baseball pictures......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camp Cadet

Cody applied for Camp Cadet last year and didn't get in. He tried again this year. He went for an interview a couple of weeks ago and was "drilled" by a state trooper who demanded he call him "sir" ect. I think Cody was scared out of his wits. But he must have made an impression on him because HE GOT IN. They only take 12-14 year olds. It is like a mini police academy. He will go to camp the end of July for a week. They do physical training and work on self dicipline but they also do some really cool things like a mock crime scene and trial. They bike ride to PNC Park, there is a ropes course and all kinds of neat things. It's hard to get in they only take 40 kids. We are very excited. Cody has always talked about going into the Air Force, this is a great opportunity for him. I think he's a little scared but is excited also. Here is the video for the camp if you are intrested!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Went to another Pirate game yesterday. It was kids opening day. The had players standing at each entrance to the ballpark. No autographs but you could take pictures...... Pitchers Zach Duke and Tom Gorzellany
Jordan and Jason Bay
One of Tom's favorite players Michaels (not sure of the first name)
Some of Jordan's favorties...Nate McClouth, Jose Bauitista, and 2 pitchers
Those players from the back. Cody was having a "bad" day and decided he didn't want in any of the pictures. I didn't leave him out. It was very hot but the great planner of a husband I have picked our seats for the 8 games purposly in the outfield, under the roof, second section, where we can see the jumbo tron perfectly! When it isn't a weekend we are the only ones in that section! LOL on weekends it a little more full! We beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-4. Go BUCS!


Jordan is having a great time playing baseball. Here he is waiting for the perfect pitch......... Here it comes! He's gotten a couple of doubles this year. He has one of the best swings on the team.
Here he's playing shortstop. He plays second base most of the time. Made some awesome plays from there. Ran some kids down and tagged them out.
Go Drew's (that's his team) looks like we'll be in the playoffs. I'll keep you posted!