Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here is a fun online game that was sent to me. It's called catch thirty three. In tiny red squares the numbers from 1 - 32 come up all over the screen adn the object is to touch each square in order with you cursor. It's a timed thing. It'll drive you crazy and at the same time keep you thoroughly amused! try it.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Birthday Party

As you can see from this super cool skateboard cake today we had Jordan's 7th birthday party!
Make a wish...............

Uncle Dayne and cousin Alexis

Best buddies from school. Class of 2018!

Checking out all his new nascar collector cards.........

Get the ball!!!!!!! They played basketball and soccer. It was more running off energy than anything but fun was had by all!


Once home he got right to work putting all his nascar and football cards in their sleeves and locking them into his notebook. It's about the only thing that I can get him to organize!


Cody and Jordan with their beautiful grandma. I think she gets more beautiful as she gets older. Taken on Jordan's birthday, feb. 23.


Anyone remember playing Don't spill the beans?
Jordan going to Geoffrey's house! Geoffrey called him on the phone and wished him a happy birthday, then we stopped in to get our balloon and crown. They made an announcement to the whole store saying to wish Jordan a happy birthday. To a 7 year old this is big stuff! To toys R us it's a big way to get you in the store. But it's all in fun. Jordan just was wondering why every time he goes there, Geoffrey is never there! He asked that as we were leaving!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Jordan had basketball at the YMCA tonight. He had so much fun. He was telling us all about it. He said that he learned what a lay-up was! The coach told us that he did really good. As long as he had fun thats all that matters. He's the one in the yellow shirt and blue pants.

Peter Pan

Jordan's class went to the Pittsburgh Ballet to see Peter Pan last friday. He liked it to my surprise (boys don't really like to sit that long and see people dance) His favorite part was the alligator that ate a clock.


Jordan playing his new birthday present a nintendo DS.


Cody and his friend Zach at our house playing video games. Snickers is thinking "hey this is my room, what gives here"?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

home again

The kids were home again today becasue of snow. At this rate they won't have any easter vacation. Pray for sun!

takiing care of our winged friends

We went out to fill the bird feeder so that our flying friends have something to eat. With all the snow we figured they would need some snacks. Jordan always reminds me when they need fed!

Happy Valentine's day

A sweet little valentine Cody made for me!

Winter wonderland

This is what our yard has looked like for 2 days!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"major" awards

Cody recieved the national physical fitness award in gym class the other day. He did 54 sit-ups in 1 minute, did the mile run in 8:01 minutes, flex arm hang, and 26 sit and reach. So he got htis nifty patch. I told Tom we'll have to get him a jean jacket to put it on just like he had growing up with all his bowling patches on it! Notice also that since he started a new school this year he decided to go by Thomas McKelvey (The name we gave him upon adoption) and not Cody. It is very confusing for me but it was his decision.

Jordan recieved a math award for being able to count and write numbers to 100. This is a picture he drew of himself at 100 years old! He said the lines on his chest are wrinkles!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

snow fun

It's the abominable snow man!

snow fun

Finally some snow to ride!

snow fun

Wipe Out

He had a major wipe out.


Look at this. We had so much snow Tom had to hall it away in a wheel barrow! Not really. He was building a hill for the kids to slide down and try out their new snow saucers. We have really great mail service around here. Just look at all the things they do for us!

Jamie 1-15-07

Here's a song that I really liked and I thought that you might like it too. Enjoy! (goes with the video above)

Give me one pure and holy passion

give me one magnificant obsession

Give me one glorious obsession for my life

to know and follow hard after you

To know and follow hard after you

to grow as your disciple in the truth

this world is empty pale and poor

compared to knowing you my Lord

lead me on and I will run after you