Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cody's ballad

Cody had to write a ballad for school. He could choose any subject. He chose to write about the first time we went to the beach and he was in the hotel room and was in this "frenzy" where he was running around like a crazy person and he saw the ocean out the patio door and ran to see it and ran SMACK into the glass sliding door. So here now for your reading pleasure is "Ballad by Cody".

On my way to the beach
What a blast it would be
I thought very little
about what Mom would do to me.

When we reached the room
I was quiet at the spot
My Mom was good at pranking
And I knew I was caught

That night before dinner
My Mom cleaned the glass door
She knew I was going to hit hard
So she put a cushion on the floor

When she finished cleaning up
She would make some ham
She dissappeared on the spot
Then she yelled "Do you want that with jam"?

After we ate Mom's dinner
I kind of jumped the gun
I didn't know where I was going
And I got a hole in one

As I lay on the floor
My Mom's face was tearstained
I got all red in the cheeks
And my back was in pain

My Mom helped me get up
I l;aughed at myself in pity
She said she would remember this
The time I was so giddy

As my vacation came to an end
I never forgot the day
I ran into the door
And I put on a big display!
Contrary to what it says here.......I did not plan for him to run into the door! He did that all on his own!

new game

Anyone like connect four? Here's a link to an online game just like it. Have fun!

Monday, March 26, 2007

park too

King of the hill!
One Cool dude!


Its our first trip to the park since last fall. Cody was in school. It was 70' and we figured all the "big kids" would be in school. Look a one hander!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

March madness

This is what you look like when you stay up till 2 o'clock in the morning playing games at church. Cody went to march madness at church last night. It's a super fun, super cool sleepover at our church. He got duct taped to the wall, played army dodgeball where if you are hit in the arm, say, then you lose that arm and can't catch anything with that arm, ect. And tons of other fun games. I think the best part was staying up "late"! I don't think anyone's underwear got frozen but you can ask him next time you see him!


Look what I found in the yard!!!!! Yipee, bring on spring!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Here's a link to all those who "be wearing the green" today. Go to this site you can click to see the St. Patrick's day parade live from Dublin! Cool Huh?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

2nd place

Cody won a 2nd place ribbon in the science fair. Each project got some kind of ribbon, honorable mention (which is like an A), 3rd place (which is like an A+), 2nd place (Which is like an A++) and 1st (which is like an A+++). So for his project he earned a 2nd place ribbon. Unfortunetly he didn't place in the overall standings but we are still thrilled with his earned ribbon. And it boosts his science grade. Way to go!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

science fair

The mad scientist strikes again!!! Rahhhhhhhahaha! Okay he isn't mad just relieved to be done. Here's Cody's entry into the 6th grade science fair at school. It's next week so I'll let you know how it goes. Science isn't really his cup of tea, he's more a math "man". Wish him luck!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Grateful thursday

Here we are again......another grateful thursday. My kids have had their bath and gone to bed for the night and all is quiet in the house. Yet even while they sleep thoughts are still running through my head about the day, the week, the month. I can't help thinking about their education. Cody has been having a rough time at school lately, bullies, having his stuff stolen all the time, learning "new, colorful" words and phrases (and even some nice gestures to go along with those words). And so we are faced once again with the dilemma of homeschooling. But I am also grateful tonight that we live in a country where there are too many choices when it comes to our kids education. Public, private, homeschool? I don't know if many of you saw the Oprah special the other night about the school that she built in Africa but I was so moved by the strength and determination of those girls. How they are able to overcome so many obstacles in their life. Most of us would give up or blame our circumstances for our problems, maybe we would say that it wasn't God's plan for us, but not these wonderful young women. We take so much for granted in our lives. So today I am grateful to God that he has put us in this place at this time. And that we have choices and that we have SO MUCH, we are some of the wealthiest people on the planet, we just need to recognize it more. (by the way if anyone is wondering we are 95% positive we are homeschooling next year. It is so great, they learned so much and so did we. And they are learning about life, not by reading books but by actually experiencing it)

Saturday, March 3, 2007

evenings excitement

We lead such exciting lives. Jordan is in the tub and Cody and Tom are playing checkers. (Of course Tom can't just let the kid win, as you can see here he's all serious about his next move) wouldn't want to be out "kinged" by a 12 year old! If you want to know the results it'll be on ESPN tonight at 11.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Grateful Thursday!
Today I've decided to start something new. Grateful thursdays. As I sit here with one of my sons upstairs in bed because he is home from school with a fever, I must stop and give gratitude to God that this is the major problem we are having today. I can give him some medicine and send him to bed and in a few hours or so he'll be up running around the house being the rambunctious boy he always is. But I can't help but think about my cousin and his daughter, Jenna, who was diagnosed with AML at age 9, in 2004. She underwent chemotherapy and was in remission for 16 months. Then in May of last year they discovered she had a relapse. In July of 2006 she underwent a cord blood transplant and was in the hospital several months. She is home now but cannot go to school or be around other kids very long for fear of exposure to germs. Her immune system is still recovering. We have been so blessed as a family. That God would even bring us all together in the first place, that he would entrust Tom and I to the care of 2 of his very own. That neither boy has ever seen the inside of a hospital. If you have a healthy child today, give them an extra hug. Tonight when you say your prayers give thanks to God for all he has blessed you with and for the strength to endure whatever lies ahead. Stop for one moment today and be grateful for those who bring blessings to your life!