Monday, November 30, 2009


So Tom decided for his birthday, which was saturday, that he wanted to go out to Don Pablos for dinner. Of course we "happened" to mention to the waitress that it was his birthday...Here they came, singing and putting this on his head. He did manage to get a free dessert out of the deal!Then it was time for his favorite dessert....cake
Happy Birthday honey, I'll love you forever!


Tom's been off on vacation for 2 weeks so he's been doing some "odd" jobs around the house..
But he did manage to get it done in time for a thanksgiving meal....I had the job of cleaning up th plaster that stuff gets everywhere. If you visit our house and find some, please don't tell me about it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

b day

Tuesday was Cody's big 15th birthday.....We went out to eat.....Then it was time for presents. A new PSP game he wanted, transformers, and Dad took him out to get a new pair of roller blades.Then cake. Can't believe he's 15 already. Happy birthday Cody!