Monday, July 30, 2007


Went to see Hairspray on saturday. John Travolta was hilarious. This is a feel good kind of movie. Like when you leave the theatre you "feel good". I completley enjoyed this movie. Laughed through most of it. It is silly but cute. Would highly recommend it to "you girls" out there. If you like musicals. Not sure about the guys, but if you want a good tickle on your funny bone go see it. check out its website

new exhibit

Our zoo has a new exhibit. The polar bears have a new home. Complete with a mock fishing village and a big new home for the bears. Here's the kids at the fishing village. There are some dangerous creatures being caught here at the zoo.
The best part is the underwater tunnel that you can walk through and see the bears swimming above you. Really cool!

zoo animals

we saw lions and tigers and bears Oh My!

Jordan loves elephants. I lifted him up to see better and I told him whenever he wanted to go let me know. His response............"I never want to go, I want to stay and watch them all day"


Took the kids to the zoo today. Aunt Martha is here visiting from South Carolina so she went and so did Nunnie (aka Mom, Sara ). Here Jordan stand on this rock so you can be as tall as Aunt Martha.
What's a little scooter riding without some smash em up derby?
It's a motley crew but we love em!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

reunion part 1

Today was our family reunion. The kids always LOVE to see Uncle Lennie. Of course being a big kid himself he loves it too. When they are together I am never sure who to discipline! I guess not everyone was having fun. Cheer up John. Hey your wife just won a steeler lamp!
Of course with John and Diane (Shown here with her prize) being from Cleveland he was not "thrilled" with the prize. She on the other hand is a die hard Steeler fan and thought it was great. She also vowed to keep it right next to John's side of the bed!


My cousin brought her water slide to our family reunion for the kids to play on. Here is Cody doing a quick flip........The judges give it an 8.0 While Jordan climbs up........Gets set........... and
Away he goes! Look out below!

Family Reunion

Today was our Annual Lemley-Grubb family reunion. The food was great, except for a little rain the weather was good and fun was had by all. Here are the remaining brothers and sisters with a beautiful handmade picture of their Mom and Dad. My grandparents.
Here is one of Jordan with his Grandma. She came all the way from Ohio to be with us.
Cody collecting his prizes after the kids games. Their favorites.........Water guns!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Funny story

Tom and I just thought this was pretty funny tonight. Cody went into the bathroom (partly to get away from Jordan) and he locked the door. Jordan went to the door and discovered it was locked so what does he do?.......... He announced to Cody that all he needed was a penny, he'll be back in a minute. The little "cat burglar" jimmied the lock on the bathroom door with a penny. I don't think that's a skill that will ever go on his resume!

Monday, July 9, 2007


Most people have kiddie pools.......we have a doggie pool! Hey, you try walking around in a fur coat when its 92' out! Cool water and a tennis ball, he just needs the simple things in life!

Jordan had his end of the baseball season picnic on friday. It was real nice. Everyone brought something. I made a huge taco salad which was gone before we even got up there to eat! Oh well, I'm just glad everyone enjoyed it. Each player got recognized and recieved a trophy. Here's Jordan with his! He had a ball playing and that's all that matters anyway!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So what's the 4th of July without a few fireworks? Thought this first one was especially cute...........

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!

cook out

We were home for the 4th and did our own little cook out. It was just us, actually usually always is, so we did hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and our first time at corn this year. Here are my little corn eaters now.

Happy 4th

Hope everyone had a fun, safe 4th. We decided to stay home from camp and go to the community festival at the park. They have it every year. Mom won second place in the rolling pin throwing contest with a distance of 68 feet (hence the trophy). Not sure what that says about me. Cody was a volunteer for the juggler and participated in the watermelon eating contest.
While Jordan tried his hand (and feet) at the climbing wall.
As long as it doesn't rain we will be headed over to the local country club (not a member) where they allow any old folks to sit on the greens of their golf course and watch their fireworks. Jordan used to be really scared and hide his head hopefully we are past that stage!