Saturday, March 29, 2008

penguins This just struck me as funny!
One of Cody's favorite comics! Photobucket

Friday, March 28, 2008

Awesome Nascar

Today I surprised the kids (thanks to Uncle Lenny letting me know about it) by taking them to Home Depot in Monroeville to see the Tony Stewart Toyota racing car on display. We missed seeing Tony by one day (he was in Cranberry, PA yesterday) but the kids still thought it was "super cool" to see the car. This is apicture the man took while we were there. Then you go to this website and can download it. Awesome! These are a few pictures I took while there. This is the trailer that they bring the car in. Of course it also includes a gift shop! So they each got a die cast car. Cody picked the Monte Carlo that Tony used to drive and Jordan picked the Toyota that he drives now. (Not Jordan driving)
They loved checking it all out. Wanted to take it for a spin but couldn't reach the gas peddle!

Don't know the big dopey guy in the picture but am familiar with the 2 little darlings on the left!

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Easter best"

Hope everyone had a nice easter. Ours was good. I love easter. It is my favoriote time of the year. To think that God can love us that much is incredible!!!!!
So here's the boys in their "easter best" right after we got home from church and they searched for their baskets. I hid them in their own rooms!!!!! It took them awhile to find them. Goes to show how much they pay attention. They are boys after all. Here they are diggin' in! They both got books and book marks, CD's. Jordan got a new bible, and Cody got a cross necklace. And then there is usual chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! We had a nice dinner with Uncle Lenny,Who played all afternoon in the yard with the kids. It was a very nice day. I just wish it wasn't so cold! ANd there were more spring flowers up. But all I can leave you with is....Thank you Jesus, for your blood, that saves us from our sins and your glorious resurrection!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A good day to "dye"

So tonight was easter egg dying night! And Oh what a time we had!Get out the PAAS and away we go! I tried different colors this year using food coloring. There are a bunch of "recipes" on the mccormick website on how many drops of each color to use to make a bunch of colors. It worked great!

Here's our finished art work.......My favorites are the brightest ones possible.........


Monday, March 17, 2008

In Christ Alone


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is what Jordan likes to do with his time.......PAGE CARDS! He's got binders full of these things.......and yet everytime he goes to a store he buys more
Here is the dresser he has in his room that is full of cards not clothes!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Very Scary

No it's not some strange bug that we found in the house......It's our splat monsters! What in the world is a splat monster you ask......Well you take newspaper and tear it into tiny pieces, add some glue and water and mix until it's like a clay....then you splat it onto a table, add a few legs, wait for it to dry (this part took days) and then you pour paint to decorate! Of course since it was messy and you got to use paint, the KIDS LOVED IT!

skate night

Friday was skate night again. Only one more left for the year. Here's Jordan trying out the new roller blades that Aunt Martha got him for his birthday! He had a blast.....

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Cody played indoor soccer at our church this past month or so. Junior high ministry at our church is called fusion. Today was the playoffs......Then his team advanced to the championship game. Blue (Cody's team) against red. The net you see in the foreground is so that us spectators don't lose an eye or something while sitting there watching! Here's Dvaid Beckam himself......Oh it's not, it's just Cody!Unfortunately they lost the championship 20-15 but they all played great. (Some took it way too seriously) Cody actually scored 3 goals today so he was pretty cheesed! Pastor Josh (youth pastor with spiked up hair) told them all what a great job they did.2 Stars! Cody and his friend John.

fun in the snow

Okay so the metorologist (big word WOW) lied........They said on the news it was only going to snow an inch or 2. It started snowing while Tom was home at lunch and didn't stop till about 7pm. We got way more than an inch.
The kids sure didn't mind thoughCody practiced on his new snowboard. (That's Jordan behind him pushing!)

Winter took a long time to come but now that it's here it never wants to stop. Yikes. I think we're going to have a snowy easter!