Sunday, May 25, 2008


POOL'S OPEN!!!!!! We went to the pool today. Bring on summer!
Jordan went for a pencil dive.........While Cody opted for the ever popular cannonball! Those of you who haven't seen Forest Hills Pool in a while realize that not much has changed! Except maybe the prices at the snack bar!


Yesterday was DJ's first birthday party! (Our nephew) He loves to give hugs and kisses. The party was at a real nice park in Scottdale. The weather was good and we got to watch Alexis play a killer game of softball! GO LEX Starting him early on his Thomas collection!
More presents and more Thomas! Getting these things out of the package was hard. I think it's easier to break into Fort Knox than it is to get these toys from their packaging these days.
Jordan was very excited to finally have someone look up at him like " woo, look at that big kid".

Jordan just loves his Uncle LennyOkay, so my 2 brothers and I just love the movie My cousin Vinny. Everytime we get together we start reciting all of the lines and laughing hysterically. Drives our spouses crazy! So my brother Dayne was at the store and saw it and just had to get each of us a copy! Now we can watch it at the same time and call each other on the phone and recite lines! If you haven't seen it I'll lend you my copy.....but you have to promise to give it back!


So Friday was the big 21st anniversary. My favorite color is yellow, so Tom had the florist make up a bouquet of all yellow flowers! Aren't they pretty? Some ladies like roses but I think this is better because he had to actually put some thought into it! Tom you are an unbelievable man and husband! I don't care who knows it! Here's to another 20 years!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Skate night

Saturday was a skate night for the McKelvey clan. We went back to On a roll. It was Word fm night again. Here's the troops gearing up.......
Jordan in his skates and ready to go.....I guess he thought that his wrist was going to sweat alot.... Extreme close up.........
And here is the best part of the night for the kids......The Arcade. How many of you out there remember playing video games on toe stops?

Oh well, fun was had by all.......


So friday we finished up our 180 school days! YEA Here is Cody with his "periodic Pillowcase" that was part science and part Art! Pretty neat huh? Our Evaluator came today. She sat down with each of the kids and asked them all about their school year. She took notes on everything that we did, looked over the 2, 3 inch thick binders that I have for each of them with their "samples" of school work in, Looked at all our art work, and asked about their extensive reading lists and declared that "Mom, gets an A for all your work this year"! I am so glad that is over. She'll write up a report for the school district, telling them if she thinks they got an "appropriate education", then we send everything in to the school. Take a deep breath and prepare for next year! Happy Summer!

Mother's Day

So Hope that everyone had a nice mother's day. Ours was pretty uneventful.......The family did dinner on the grill for me (no cooking and no clean up! What more could you ask for?) Then both kids made up a cake for me, But only one decorated it. Can you guess which one! (I secretly told everyone not to say anything about it being spelled wrong) it was the most adorable thing.....and really tasty too!
He's so proud of himself!

Monday, May 5, 2008


So baseball has started for Jordan again. He loves to play baseball. He played second base for awhile now he's at shortstop. Here he is ready to make the play. I think maybe he just loves getting dirty! He's got his batting gloves and bat, Look out Barry Bonds, Here comes Jordan!