Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new quote

So Jordan stayed at my brothers for a night this weekend. Lori decided to take them to the store with her on Sunday. While there Jordan came up to her, in the store and said "Want to see my bacon?" She asked him what he meant and apparently during breakfast he was slow in eating and thought that Cody and Len were going to leave him behind when they went fishing so he hurriedly stuck his breakfast bacon in his pocket! He still had it in there at the store. Len later found it in his tackle box while fishing!

Remembering Memorial Day

We were packing our car today to drive to my brothers,when I came out with some things I looked across the street to find our neighbor, Mr. Wagner, out in his yard. He is a decorated serviceman of the United States Navy who moves a bit slower these days, yet I found him doing this.........

It brought tears to my eyes. This is what memorial day is all about folks. Thank you Mr. Wagner and all those who served with you, before you and after you. Especially those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Today we salute you!

Monday, May 25, 2009


We spent Memorial Day at my brothers. It was a nice day for a picnic. Lots of good food. Burgers, salads, hot dogs, ect.
Tom and Cody decided to play tailgate toss........Not sure who's winning but Cody will say he was.
Then Jordan talked Tom into getting on the trampoline. Here is the mount............
The middle of the routine............
And his dismount...........Oh too bad, not quite what the judges expected! They give it 3.99!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vacation? part 1

Tom is on vacation this week so we decided to take a quick trip to Johnstown, PA. To the kids just staying in a hotel is a treat. All the TV you can watch........yea. The 2 of them sharing the same bed always makes for some "fun". Tom (who is not used to being around the kids 24/7) said several times over these 2 days, "I don't know how you do it"!Our first stop was the Johnstown Flood Museum.It was very interesting. The tour guide explained exactly what happened during the flood and then upstairs there is an academy award winning film all about it. We learned alot (the best part is that the kids don't even realize they are learning!)The royal heinies on their royal thrones! From there we went to the heritage discovery center. It taught all about the immigrants who came to Johnstown.
Then they all tried their hand at sorting coal.......We drove up to the "dry lake" where the dam once stood. You could actually see where it once was. It was a nice trip. Isn't homeschooling great?

vacation? part 2

On the way home we decided to make a detour at Fort Ligonier........ Ugh this door is heavyAfter some exploring of the Officers mess, barracks, hospital ect........ We decided to check out some cannons!
Another fun day at "school"

Saturday, May 23, 2009


22 Years today and counting............

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Jordan completely cracks me up by the things he says......I am going to start blogging some of the things that come from his mind. For instance, today I went to Rite Aid to get my prescription refilled and when I went to the register to pay, Jordan came up behind me and said-

Mom, can we get a cane? In case Cody cripples me!

(they fight all the time) The lady behind the counter was so holding in the laughter!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fire Safety

We went to "Fire Safety Class"......Actually it was an open house at the Churchill Fire Department. Instruction in fire safety is a homeschool requirement so we went to "class".
It was really nice. you could see inside all the trucks....
A future fire fighter?Or maybe a policeman......
They let him turn on the siren and lights which he thought was cool!

SMoke house

They also had a smoke house. Which is a trailer that they go in and it fills with "smoke" (fake of course) and they teach them how to escape a burning building. Here is Jordan before... he was scared to death.....And here he is after they all got out safe and sound.
There was a bomb sniffing dog demonstration and one on the "jaws of life"!

Tom was 'stylin' in his new hat but decided he had better leave it to the pros!
All in all it wasn't a bad day at "school"! They even served us a hot dog lunch. Oh if only every day was this easy. 8 more days to go!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The implosion of Three Rivers stadium on February 11, 2001, as seen from the blimp Spirit of Goodyear......Just thought this was a neat pic.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday we went to an open house of the Civil Air Patrol. It was at the Allegheny County Airport. Cody has always talked about going into the Air Force. This is an auxillary unit of the Air Force. It's for kids beginning at age 12. It's run military style. They wear uniforms and camo. Have physical training. But they also have classes in aerospace among other things and get 5 free training flights in a Cessna plane and possibly a glider. So they actually get to fly!

You move up in rank by taking tests. Once you get to a certain rank in the civil air patrol, should you decide to join the air force, after basic you begin at a higher rank and get a $500 a month pay raise over those just off the street. They learn all about search and rescue, leadership, and tons of other things. He seems excited to join.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Our back yard isn't exactly a jungle teeming with wildlife. But we do get an occasional "critter". look what I found this morning on our bush....... thought it was too pretty not to capture on film! (or at least memory card)


The other day we went to "homeschool baseball". A group of homeschool kids get together to play once a week. It was fun. Muddy......but fun. Of course being boys, the mud only made it even more fun! I guess the thought of homeschool kids not having any socialization is out the window.......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

vehicle trouble

So we are still without the truck. Tom got it back after having a new starter, module, spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, rotor, and head gasket put on. He drove it for one day, had it all packed to go over and cut his Mom's grass and it wouldn't start. So here we are picking him up from work again.
I had a doctor's appointment, which is why I needed the car. I am still a little dizzy so I only drive when necessary. They removed my stitches and the incision looks good. I have to go back in 3 weeks. Sometimes my throat feels tight but breathing and everything is normal. I've been feeling better each day. I am still tired, taking a shower takes alot of energy. I've been trying to keep up with the kids school work so they can finish. It's been a long recovery. I am really looking forward to things getting back to normal (whatever that is!)


Jordan had a baseball game on saturday........

He was "outstanding in his field"!

First aid

For health class we have been studying first aid. Tom got to play the injured person this day

911 was not called, as "Doc Jordan" performed beautifully!