Saturday, September 27, 2008


Saturday we went to my brother Dayne's house to celebrate our niece's birthday's. It's always fun when we go there.
Uncle Tom giving horseback rides.......

Alexis getting excited over birthday presents.....
Then it was time for Tom to have his first try at the Wii.....
Of course he had to try bowling. Such form and grace. he needed a longer approach but I think he still managed to get some strikes. Madisyn whipped up on him in carnival games though! It's alot of fun. We spent some time around the fire then it was time to head for home.


Jordan and I spent friday afternoon exploring a new walking trail that we found at the park. So nice to be out in nature, in the peace and quiet..... Of course Jordan just loved exploring all the neat things he could find. Can you say "King of the mountain"? or maybe it's just a pile of really big just the same
One of his favorite pastimes, climbing trees
he tried to swing on these vines like George of the jungle but they just pulled right out of the trees.
He also found tons of coal, some really nice pieces too. To him it was like finding gold! Next time he's going to bring a bag!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


With the "stress" (what stress) of starting school and seeing summer come to a close it was time for a run to the ice cream store! Jordan digs in to a double scoop in a cup (yea, less mess) While Cody opts for a shake.
I think it was really just an excuse to get ice cream! happy back to school everyone!

Doggie Swim

Labor day evening our local pool has a special doggie swim every year. So we decided to see how Snickers would do.

As you can see he loved it. He walked over to the 12 feet and dove right in! I had to get in and help him out. We went over to the 5 feet and he chased a ball for a good half an hour. There was another dog neaby that kept stealing his ball! like kids on a playground! Here he's trying to figure out who Cody is (since he's wearing goggles) Snickers did not want to get out of the Pool!

Monday, September 1, 2008


This past sunday our family lost a beloved member. My Aunt Helga (in the middle of the picture with the hat on) lost her battle with cancer. She was a beautiful person inside and out. We will all miss her very much. She always had a way of making you smile. Rest in peace.