Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pirate Fest 2008

The boys of summer are gearing up for another "great" season.....okay so maybe our beloved Pirates aren't so great but we had a good time today at Piratefest anyway. In case you can't make it out in the back there in all the balloons it says "Let's Go Bucs"

Jordan tried his hand at pitching. 25 miles an hour. Not bad

While Cody and his friend John tried batting and then a quick picture with the pierogy. For those of you who don't know, at the seventh ining stretch of every pirate game they have a pierogy race. It's a 'burgh thing what can I say.
Cody and John pictured here with Sauerkraut Sal!

While Dad waited in line for about 2 hours (Jordan in line for about an hour) to get autographs from some past and present players......

Here's Paul Malholm (pitcher), Tom Gorzelanny (pitcher), and Neil Walker (catcher)

Bill Madlock's on the far end in case some of you "remember" back that far.......

So was it worth it? Well to a 7 year old sure was. He finally got a baseball signed by Xavier Nady (1st base in the foreground), and Richie Hebner (a blast from the past, last one at the table).

Heart attack moment of the day.......

I was standing talking to Tom and I walked a few steps forward to get some of these pictures. When I got back to Tom I said "where is Jordan" He said "I don't know". Okay I admit panic set in. I started looking everywhere. I went to where Cody and John were waiting in line and they said he was looking for Tom. I went back to Tom and you guessed it NO JORDAN! Now the tears are starting to flow. I can't get to Tom to tell him what is going on because he is in a sea of about 5oo people waiting for autographs. Crying harder now.... Have you ever lost a child? In a big convention center? In downtown Pittsburgh? So by now there are some really bad thoughts going through my head. I finally get Tom's attention and he can then get out of line (where he had already made it about halfway up of a 2 hour wait) . We go back over to where Cody is, I am crying and talking and I turn around and Jordan goes "Hello"! OMGosh, Thank you Lord! People are looking at me like I am crazy, but I was trying to explain to him about staying with us and all the while I am crying and talking in that hysterical voice. We just give God praise that he was safe and sound. That was all the excitement I can handle this week. Please God no more!

Homeschool Woodshop

One of the fun things about homeschooling is that we can do "projects" that are actually useful as well as infomative! So Tom took on a new "role" this week........Shop teacher! (Mr. Meyers would be proud) It was a simple shelving project but the kids had a blast none the less, and I can only hope that their future wives will benefit one day and thank us!

Friday, January 4, 2008


So here's how we spent new years eve.......

Watching the big ball drop in Times Square.....
Ringing our noise makers and then going to bed! Exciting , I know. Happy New Year to all. May it be your best one yet!