Thursday, August 21, 2008


We just got these photos of our nephew DJ after he got his first haircut. Life doesn't get much sweeter than this!


Sunday we went to the Letter Carriers Union picnic. It's always a lot of fun. Here's Tom getting soooo excited to be at the picnic! He's praying for a good day! HA For him the best part is over...the food! They have tons of stuff for the kids to do. looks like Jordan beat out the competition!
Cody's getting ready for the sack race. They use priority mail sacks for the race! He and Jordan both played. The winner gets $2 and each participant gets $1. Jordan and I tried the parent child one where we had to each have one leg in the sack. it was so funny, I kind of put him on my hip and dragged him to the finish line!
Next up was the peanut on the spoon race..... harder then it looks but they also got a dollar for that so to them it was worth it! Cody and Tom won the water balloon toss and each got $5 (which Tom promptly gave to Jordan, don't want to start any fights)
They both went for a pony ride...Giddy up!
While Tom and I sat on a swing by the river and enjoyed the "peace and quiet"!Jordan did the only boy thing left to do......Play in the mud and climb a tree!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day at the museum

We took Aunt Martha to see the new dinosaur exhibit at the Carnegie museum on friday. Here they are about to be eaten......Look Out! Cody and Jordan tried their hand at being Native Americans......needs a little work (I don't think they wore plaid!)
The best part for the boys was seeing the BUGS up close.....

And of course the poisionous snakes. (Jordan still swears he saw a king cobra at camp!)

Sports camp

Jordan had sports camp every evening this week. It a lot of fun. It's put on by a church nearby. Obviously he choose soccer. They also have cheerleading and basketball. We couldn't convince Jordan to join cheerleading. they talk each night about a sports hero who is a christian and have bible study. Jordan got a prize for completing each nights bible study.

Back to school party

Aunt Martha is here visiting from South Carolina. So we had the annual Back to school party for the kids. They played in Nunnies back yard with water balloons, a bean bag toss, and musical chairs. Then everyone made party hats and had delicious cookies that Chloe made (they were yummy, thanks Chloe) and some ice cream. Then it was time for the gathering of the troops for one last picture!